Leadership Effectiveness

Comunicating The Worth And Potential Of Others So Clearly They Come To See It In Themselves


Leadership 21

Our leadership development program 'Leadership 21 - Leading A World Class Workforce' prepares you for Caribbean Vocational Qualifications Management Level 3 assessment and certification.  You will gain the understanding and build the skills necessary to lead today's workforce.  You will understand the difference between management and leadership, assess your leadership competencies and preferred leadership style, and develop real time effective responses to today's leadership imperative and challenges.



The units include:


  • Develop Self-awareness
  • Manage Your Own Resources and Professional Development
  • Provide Leadership In Your Area Of Responsibility
  • Develop Productive Relationships
  • Allocate And Monitor The Quality of Work In Your Area Of Responsibility
  • Encourage Innovation In Your Area of Responsibility
  • Ensure Health And Safety Requirements Are Met In Your Area Of Responsibility
  • Manage A Project


Coaching For People Development & Leadership Effectiveness

Today's dynamic business environment is driving an ever-increasing need for employees to consistently enhance their skills set.  At the same time businesses lack the time and resources to send everyone off to training.  As a result, managers and supervisors are more and more being required to coach their employees for the acquisition and enhancement of their skills.  Our program, 'Coaching For People Development and Leadership Effectiveness' equips you with the awareness, attitudes, skills and tools to be an effective workplace coach.



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