Leadership 21 Registration

BHTA & Potter Centre Leadership 21 Registration

Sex Male Female
No. of years working in Hospitality Industry:
No. of years in Management/Supervisory Position:
No. of people who report to you:
Do you have any previous leadership/management training?
Yes No
If yes above, please identify:
BIMAP Supervisory Management
ILM Supervisory Management
In-House / On The Job Training
UWI Open-Campus
Please indicate certificates, diplomas or degrees you have achieved / attained:
Less than 3 CXCs
More than 3 CXCs
SJPP/BCC/City & Guilds Certificate/Diploma
1st Degree
Post Graduate Degree
Professional Designation
What are the greatest challenges you face in your role as manager / supervisor? Your top 3 ONLY
Team members do not follow standards and processes
Team members do not follow instructions given
Team members not willing to learn new skills
Team members not willing to change work habits
Team members do not complete assigned tasks
Team members have poor work ethics and behaviour
Team members not willing to take initiative
Wrong people in jobs
Difficulty in working with staff from other departments
Other (Please specify below)
What brings you the greatest satisfaction in your role as manager / supervisor? Your top 3 ONLY
Providing service to our guests
Working with my team
Helping my team improve / do well
Solving challenges and problems for guests
Solving challenges and problems for my staff
Planning and organising the work of my department
Other (please specify below)
Other (please specify below)
How did you hear about this program?
HR Department
Print Media
My Manager
Electronic Media
A Friend/Colleague
The BHTA Website/Internet
Please select from the following areas, your top 4 priorites as a participant in this training program
Effectively communicating with a sense of vision and purpose
Better self-management
Fostering better relationships with my colleagues
Engendering better teamwork
Improved performance management skills
Facilitation of creativity, innovation and change in my department
Greater understanding of safety and health issues
Development of coaching and delegation competencies
Improved goal setting and business planning
Other (Please specify below)
Other comments, suggestions, needs or interests:

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Are you in good physical health?
Yes No
Do you suffer from any allergies, physical disability, emotional or psychological condition that could prevent your full participation in and completion of this program?
Yes No
If yes, please describe:

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